Divorce Was Paula Patton’s Idea, Not Robin Thicke’s

Report says she was the one who summoned the emergency meeting to talk separation

Fans of singer Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton woke up to the shocking news that they had decided to get a divorce after 9 years of marriage and a grand total of 22 as a couple. A new report suggests that Thicke himself was probably shocked to find out about it.

Don’t worry though, he didn’t find out about it in the tabloid media, like Kim Kardashian’s second husband Kris Humphries did after just 72 days of married “bliss.”

Nonetheless, while Thicke knew there were problems with his marriage with Paula, he didn’t quite expect her to ask for a divorce, because he was still under the impression that whatever issues they had, they could work them out, TMZ reports.

This comes from the usual unnamed insiders, so a word of advice: do take it with a grain of salt. Chances are this was indeed a mutual decision, as the soon-to-be exes stated in the joint statement they released hours ago.

“Paula Patton told Robin Friday she wanted to end the marriage. Robin then abruptly cancelled his show, saying he had throat problems. But the cancellation was solely so he could sit with his wife and try to change her mind,” TMZ notes.

“We're told Paula – who is shooting a movie in Vancouver – and Robin had a long, face-to-face talk... both acknowledging they had not been getting along and frequently arguing. Our sources say in the end Robin realized Paula was determined to end the marriage and reluctantly agreed, but was very upset. We're told she was also upset,” adds the same media outlet.

Once this agreement reached, Thicke canceled the next day’s show as well, so he could spend time with his and Paula’s son. Paparazzi photos put them both at Disneyland, and the “Blurred Lines” singer was still wearing his wedding band, probably because he was waiting for the joint statement to come out before removing it.

Even assuming the report above is accurate, the state of Thicke’s marriage has been subject for speculation for many months now, starting with August 2013, when he was photographed groping a woman at an MTV VMAs 2013 party. Ironically, Paula was with him at the club where the groping happened.

Then, in January this year, Robin was again photographed in rather compromising positions with another young lady, this time at a club in Paris.

Given the amount of photographic evidence of inappropriate behavior, if not of cheating, and the fact that Paula only laughed off rumors, insisting they were happily married, many assumed they had an open marriage. Perhaps that was never the case.

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