Divorce Stress Is Putting Kim Kardashian’s Child at Risk

Reality star pleads with judge to speed up divorce from Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married for only 72 days but the divorce is turning into a huge mess. Following Kris’ petition to not speed the proceedings simply because Kim is now pregnant with another man’s baby, Kim is fighting back, saying her unborn child is at risk.

As any respectable gossip lover must already know, Kim and Kris were married for a hot second, with Kim filing for divorce without as much as informing Kris beforehand – admittedly.

In retaliation, he filed papers asking for an annulment on the basis of fraud, arguing that Kim tricked him into marrying her because she wanted a boost in ratings for her reality show.

In the meantime, Kim started dating old friend Kanye West, whose child she’s now carrying.

She’s trying to make the judge hasten the divorce proceedings by saying that this much stress is putting her unborn baby at risk, TMZ reports.

“Several days ago Kim called her doctor in the middle of the night to come to the house because she was having severe pains. The doctor examined her, but then warned he believed the problems were largely stress-related,” the celebrity publication writes.

Since Kim’s biggest problem right now is the divorce, the doctor concluded that this was the stress that was putting her at such risk.

“The doctor warned Kim she needs to handle the stress or else there could be ‘long-term effects.’ The doctor did not elaborate, but we're told Kim is freaked out her baby may be at risk,” the report further notes.

In court documents filed a short while ago, Kim says that Kris is basically in control of her “misery” because he will not grant her the divorce.

It would “help create a new, full life for me,” she writes, adding that Kris is standing in the way of her happiness and “the health and well-being of my unborn child” by not granting it to her.

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