Divorce Makes Work on ‘Dexter’ Impossible for Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter

Work on the sixth season of Showtime’s highly popular killer series “Dexter” is well under way, but things on set are far from rosy, as they once were. Following the divorce announcement of the two leads, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, the two can’t see eye to eye.

This, claims a new report in The Enquirer (story via here), is making it very hard for them to work together, which is very bad news considering they play brother and sister on the series.

As we also informed you some time ago, Hall and Carpenter said they were getting a divorce after just 2 years of marriage but would not detail the reason for the split.

Speculation claims Hall became romantically involved with Julia Stiles, who also appeared on “Dexter” as Dex’s girlfriend Lumen, while he was still with Jennifer, in a period when they were having some issues.

She eventually found out and decided to file for divorce but, as per the aforementioned tabloid, she is yet to forgive Michael for breaking her heart.

“They talk as little as possible while they are filming scenes together and then avoid each other like the plague the rest of the time,” an insider says.

Because of this, tension on the set is so thick you could cut it with a knife. If the two don’t come to an understanding – and a truce – soon enough, there’s no telling how much more they can keep it together for the cameras, the report suggests.

“They have a ton of unresolved issues over their marriage, but they have nothing to say to each other at this point,” the spy goes on to say.

One such unresolved issue would be Michael’s refusal to start a family with Jennifer, which is what she’d been asking him for some time – before she reportedly found out of his affair with Stiles.

“It seems as if Jennifer hasn’t forgiven Michael and she’s not making life on the set for him easy,” the insider explains.

“The caring sibling relationship viewers see on the screen is diametrically opposed to the bitter atmosphere between the former lovers when the cameras aren’t rolling. It’s incredibly awkward for everyone on the set,” the source adds.

In the meantime, producers and everyone involved are promising fans a brilliant season 6, one that will see the beloved (anti)hero explore new aspects of his life and, of course, face new challenges. It premieres this fall.

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