Dita Von Teese Sizzles in New Monarchy Video for “Disintegration”

Star lends vocals, trademark pinup look for new release

Dita Von Teese is the kind of woman that you either love or passionately hate. Being a burlesque dancer, she’s often criticized for having “no talent” for the kind of exposure she’s getting but believing that would mean ignoring the fact that Dita is selling an image.

She brings that and her vocals to her latest project, a collaboration with Monarchy called “Disintegration.”

The track was released a few days ago and it’s just gotten a stunning music video as well.

However, because it contains images that might offend, we can’t embed it here but you can see it on YouTube in full. *Please be advised that discretion is recommended when viewing it.

Dita plays a bored housewife who is seriously yearning for some passion. She finds that – and so much more – in the world of fantasy she builds in her mind.

Surprisingly enough, Dita could cut it as a singer, provided she had a skilled someone to always pick suitable tracks for her, like this disco-infused “Disintegration.”

I swear, there are many more full time pop “singers” who fare comparatively worse than her.

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