Distorted Sound Bug Plagues Tens of Microsoft Tablets

Yet another issue found on Microsoft’s Surface tablet

Microsoft’s Surface is already a pretty controversial product, given the fact that users have found so many bugs already, but more and more issues are discovered on a daily basis.

According to another lengthy thread on Microsoft’s support forums, the notification sound is distorted whenever the Surface RT is in standby mode. The same behavior has been reported after the first wave of Windows RT updates, so consumers are actually worried that it could be a hardware issue.

Here’s how one user explains the problem:

“Well, I got the music update and I have the sound distortion during notifications while I'm not using the device, presumably standby mode. Nothing that will make me return this wonderful device but something that should be fixed in a device that is constantly compared to the iPad.”

While there’s no official workaround for the problem, a Microsoft Surface engineer has confirmed that his team is looking into it and released some step-by-step instructions to extend the amount of time it takes for the Surface to go into standby mode.

“Swipe in from the right, tap the ‘Search’ charm, tap ‘Settings’, search for ‘Sleep,’ tap ‘Change when the computer sleeps,’ under ‘On battery’ and ‘Plugged in’ change the ‘Put the computer to sleep’ setting to something longer and tap ‘Save changes,’” a forum moderator suggested.

Just as usual, Surface users are slowly losing their patience, as more and more bugs are discovered every once a while. While some are expressing their disappointment on the Internet, others are even contacting Microsoft and asking for a refund.

“The company's future is riding on the success of this platform. If I were them, I would've delayed RT for a few months to get everything right. A delay, although costly, doesn't hurt NEARLY as much as a battered reputation that'll loom over the entire OS... and that's what this and the other rushed apps is giving them,” one user wrote.

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