Displays Will Get a Bit Cheaper This Month (February 2013)

Panel prices will go down by 1 or 2 percent, mostly because of LCDs

For some reason or other, the display industry has been going through some shifts, shifts that are causing a drop in average selling prices.

LCDs are the main ones responsible for this most fortuitous turn of events. Panel makers have been producing more monitor screens and switching away from notebooks.

And since notebook screens are already in rather high volume, this has caused something of an oversupply.

Overall, while LCD tags will go down by more, the drop in general display prices will be of 1-2%.

The Chinese Lunar New Year (February 10) and the accompanying week of holidays (January 9-16) is acting as an extra cause to go slow and not increase production. They would risk a further drop otherwise.

On a related note, tablet panel prices will go down a bit as well (about $1 / 0.74 Euro).

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