Disney Launches D100 Mobile Phone for Kids

Fun for the kids and restriction-capable for the parents

Observing the increasing number of 8 to 13 year olds using mobile phones, Disney has designed a mobile phone especially for children.

After being approved by the FCC some time ago, it has now been released in the United Arab Emirates. Disney's D100 includes features that allow children to communicate freely, but is also appreciated by parents due to the possibility of restricting certain features of the phone.

The 12 button keypad can easily be transformed into a 4 button one if you need the phone to be as easy to use as possible. And not only is the D100 fun for children, as it includes Disney ringtones and changeable handset covers, but it is also very useful.

Parents can make sure that their little ones don't receive calls during school hours by setting the phone to silent mode on those specific hours. A maximum of 20 contact numbers can be set, and the phone will only receive calls from those certain numbers.

Making calls will be restricted to the 20 contacts in the agenda as well. The easy to use D100 measures 98.7 x 51.3 x 24.2 mm and is one of the few alternatives that parents have to buy their children an adult-feature phone.

The D100 was launched today in Dubai and will be selling for the price of Dh399.

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