Discovery Cancels “American Guns” After Newtown Shooting

Network announces show won’t return for a third season after online protests

In light of Friday’s tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Discovery has chosen not to renew one of its most popular reality shows, “American Guns,” for another season.

Hours after word of the tragedy spread online, including confirmation of the number of victims (20 children, 6 adults and the gunman), more and more people took to the show’s official page on Facebook to urge Discovery to discontinue it.

It seems that their wish was granted, Fox News confirms.

After two, incredibly successful seasons, “American Guns,” a reality show focusing on the life of a family of gun sellers, has been axed.

“A Discovery rep told FOX411 that ‘American Guns’ – which is out of production and not currently broadcasting new episodes – has been canceled and will not return for a third season. This comes as something of a surprise given its growing popularity,” Fox News reports.

“The show had a 50 percent ratings increase for its second season premiere, and one of its stars, Renee Wyatt, recently said she would ‘definitely’ be interested in returning for season three. The rep, however, would not link the show’s cancelation to the Connecticut school massacre,” the same media outlet says.

However, all things considered, this is the only logical explanation: the network gave in to online pressure after the Newtown tragedy, or else it would not have pulled the plug on the show when it was doing so well in the ratings.

“I know you all have to make money but would Discovery Channel PLEASE consider ceasing to broadcast the show in the U.K.? Sadly your program makes buying/owning guns seem fun, glamorous, even normal,” one user urged Discovery on Facebook, as cited by the same media outlet.

“Dear Discovery Channel: it’s not appropriate showing the program American Guns now!” wrote another, this time on Twitter.

“With Discovery shows like 'Sons of Guns', 'American Guns', 'Ted Nugent's Gun Country' etc it's not surprising how guns r seen as acceptable,” yet another upset user said.

Even though it might be easy to blame reality shows like “American Guns,” at least partially, for the tragedy, the reality is much more complex than that, a spokesperson for The Firearm Coalition tells Fox News.

Pointing the finger at the media and at its coverage of guns is somewhat useless, in that it does not address the bigger issue.

Discovery is entitled to cancel the show, but “this tragedy has as much to do about lawful use of guns as the lawful use of cars has to do with a car bombing,” the spokesperson states.

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