Discover New Linux Games: Return To Castle Wolfenstein Coop

Enjoy this old game with new features, made specially for Coop play

Even if the development for new Linux games has picked up somewhat in the last year, there are still some games out there that are fairly unknown to the community.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein is a first-person shooter released back in 2001, with Activision as publisher.

Contrary to popular belief, Return To Castle Wolfenstein was not created by id Software, the initial developers of the famous Wolfenstein 3D, but by another two studios, Gray Matter Interactive and Nerve Software.

Players take again the role of Blazkowicz and start the game by escaping the Castle Wolfenstein and trying to find out what the Germans are really doing there.

The game also featured a solid multiplayer experience, with two teams matches and complex objectives that had to be conquered.

The source code for Return to Castle Wolfenstein was released in 2010, under a GLP license and a few developers saw a great opportunity, to introduce cooperative gameplay.

It may sound strange, but according to the developers, the RTCW Coop Team, after 2 years of work and more than 850 svn revisions, a working version is finally ready, albeit not final.

All single-player levels were modified for cooperative play, up to 8 players. Extra enemies were added, along with their skill level so that it's still a challenge.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein Coop features three distinct modes:

• Coop – normal rtcw but in cooperative mode, very fun with friends;

• Battle – The point of this mode is that at the end of the map you have the best statistics (out of three);

• Speedrun – Play a level as fast as possible, fastest time is saved on the server.

The game still has some bugs, but they are being worked on. Check out their official website for a more details description of Return To Castle Wolfenstein Coop.

Download Return To Castle Wolfenstein Coop 0.9 right now from Softpedia.

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