Discounted Nokia Lumia 800 Sold Out in Finland, Lumia 900 Might Be Next

The former is available for 249 EUR, while the latter is priced at 349 EUR

It’s not unusual for handset makers to drop prices on their older models a few weeks before launching new products. Nokia followed the same marketing recipe and discounted both Lumia 800 and Lumia 900.

So far, Finland is the only country where Nokia Lumia 800 is now sold out at most major retailers, but other countries might follow soon if the Finnish company decides to apply the same effective tactic.

The folks over at Esphoneblog report that Nokia cut no less than 100 EUR (130 USD) for the Lumia 800’s suggested retail price, so the smartphone is now available for only 249 EUR (325 USD).

A few days after the discount was applied, most online retailers sold out their Lumia 800 stocks and the first shipments are said to arrive in about 2-4 weeks.

Several authorized resellers don’t even bother replenishing their Lumia 800 stock and prefer to wait for the new Nokia Windows Phone devices, which are expected to be launched in late October.

The Lumia 800 is not the only smartphone that Nokia discounted in Finland. The company’s Lumia 900 is now available for only 349 EUR (455 USD) outright, 100 EUR (130 USD) cheaper than the suggested retail price.

Nokia did not say if this promotional offer is time limited or until stocks last, but we can safely assume that once Lumia 920 and 820 hit shelves, the older models will go even cheaper than this.

However, there’s always the chance that customers who wish to purchase the Lumia 800 won’t be able to find it anymore in just several weeks from now.

As for the Lumia 900, even though it’s a bit more expansive than the Lumia 800, we expect it to sell very well, especially that the latter is now sold out at most Finnish retailers.

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