Disabled Puppy Wonky Makes Amazing Recovery

The pooch can now walk, run and play, looks ready to take on the world

Not long ago, I introduced you to Wonky, a disabled puppy which had difficulties walking and running because the tendons on the back of her front legs were a tad too short.

Recent news says that, thanks to physiotherapy, the pup can now play and enjoy life as much as she wants to.

The pooch is currently looked after by the staff at the Dog Trust in Leeds, yet sources say that over 600 animal lovers have already expressed their desire to adopt her and give her all the love it wants and deserves.

“She's had a very tough start in life. She was taken from her mother too early and was then having to fend for herself on the streets at just nine weeks old. She isn't a traditionally pretty pooch but she's a lovely girl with a great character,” argued one of the people who helped Wonky overcome her disability.

Following her making this amazing recovery, Wonky even got a new name: Juliette.

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