Director McG Confirms ‘Terminator’ 5 and 6

Shock announcement about the future of a franchise people thought dead

Despite reports about how the “Terminator” franchise was up for sale to the highest bidder because no one actually thought it couldn’t make money at the box-office any more in its present form, director McG is of a different opinion. Not only has the director confirmed on a recent livecast that he’s working on a fifth film, but also that a sixth will be made, SlashFilm reports.

After the release of the last film in the series, “Terminator: Salvation,” which saw McG attempt a remake of the old franchise with the help of established actor Christian Bale and newcomer Sam Worthington, critics and fans were pretty convinced when they said there was no way to go from there. Although a very elaborate film, into which a lot of effort and money were invested, “Salvation” did not impress too many people – and it more than showed at the box-office.

Now, McG says he’s doing a fifth and a sixth film and, what’s more shocking, that he’s already started work on the fifth, as SlashFilm informs citing a liveblog from Gizmodo of a livecast where the director was also invited. More details are not yet available but, from what the famed McG says, one of these two upcoming films will even see the famous Sarah Connor make a return to the big screen, which will most certainly make the chronology of the franchise all the more confusing for non-fans.

“7:13: [McG] just announced that he’s making another Terminator movie. Seriously. 7:16: Oh and for those people who are punching themselves in the face that he’s making another one? He said he’s making one after that. 7:21: And now McG is being coy about making another one? I don’t get it. 7:24: And now he’s talking about a second or third movie again. 7:46: He says Sarah Connor is going to be in the next film, but he’s not sure how he’s going to pull that off,” Gizmodo writes, as cited by the movie e-zine.

As some fans might remember, before “Salvation” came out in theaters, McG often spoke about how he envisioned the new “Terminator” story in three parts, with “Salvation” as the first one, of course. Should his recent announcement turn out to be accurate, fans will know that he meant it that way from the very beginning. Stay tuned here to see what becomes of this.

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