Dina Lohan Defends Herself in New Interview: I Am Not a Drunk

Lindsay’s mother claims the media has her all wrong

Dina Lohan has a new reality show to promote, “Dramamamas,” but she’s getting attention for all the wrong things instead, like her apparently drunken interview with Dr. Phil of a couple of weeks ago. She’s finally speaking out on that.

Dina, mother and manager for her actress daughter Lindsay Lohan, sat down for a chat with Entertainment Tonight, partly to explain the aforementioned Dr. Phil interview, partly to promote her new show.

A preview video is available at the link above.

For starters, Dina insists she’s not a drunk and not taking any kind of medication. As such, she couldn’t have been under the influence at the time she spoke to Dr. Phil, as many have claimed after seeing the video.

“I was absolutely not under, intoxicated, or on any kind of medication. I was extremely upset,” Dina says in the interview.

When Christina McLarty, who’s conducting the interview, stresses that she too thought Dina was drunk after she saw her interview with Dr. Phil, Dina goes on to say that both she and her daughter are always painted like that in the media.

No one bothers to learn the full story, Dina adds.

“That you’re crazy. That you’ve been drinking. That you’re doing drugs. That you’re partying with your daughter. Enabling her. She drives drunk. She hits people,” McLarty says.

To this, Dina bursts into tears: she never partied with her daughter and she’s done nothing but to protect her from the paparazzi and the press in general.

On the other hand, she’s been vilified in the worst way possible. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s also suffered abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, Michael Lohan, who also makes an appearance to say Dina is lying all the time.

“If I did throw a Bible at her, she should have picked it up and read it,” Michael says, referring to an incident alluded to by Dina in her Dr. Phil interview, when Michael reportedly hit her with a Bible in the head on their honeymoon.

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