Digisocial Is an Audio-Visual Instagram for iPhone and iPad

“Voice comment on your friends’ posts instantly and tell them what you think”

By on January 17th, 2013 22:31 GMT

Digisocial, a new social networking app that lets you take photos and add effects to them (wow, that’s new!), has been updated to version 1.0.1 for iPhone and iPad. Actually, it does bring something new: audio comments.

Featuring optimized image filters, improved performance, and some minor bug fixes, Digisocial 1.0.1 lets you combine photos with HD voice capture to provide “a vivid sharing experience.”

You can also apply various filters to your images and whisk them away to Facebook and Twitter for your followers to see that you’re having a blast.

“Voice comment on your friends’ posts instantly and tell them what you think,” says Digisocial, Inc., the company behind the app.

The free app promises to get you hooked up with new people across all your social circles, as well as with old friends. Sounds promising enough to deserve a try.

One thing though: the app’s name and the icon have nothing to say about the product itself. It’s almost as if they were picked out of a hat.

Head over to the download link and grab it for your iOS 5 device. Who knows, maybe it catches on.

Download Digisocial iOS (Free)
Digisocial screenshots
   Digisocial screenshots