Diet Coke Super-Bowl Ad Gets New Blue-Eyed Hunk – Video

The return of the hunk marks the brand's 30th anniversary

The Diet Coke Super-Bowl ad is out, and it features a blue-eyed "hunk" by the name of Andrew Cooper.

The company debuted the hunk concept in 1994, Jezebel writes. Back then, he worked in construction, but he has since changed careers and become the “Gardener,” as the title of the ad says.

“I Just Want To Make Love To You," by Etta James is playing in the background, as it did in the first commercial. In keeping with tradition, this hunk also takes his shirt off. Daily Mail adds that the Diet Coke brand is returning to its roots for its 30th anniversary.

If it hasn't been obvious until now, Coca Cola proves that their diet soda is targeted specifically at women.

User discretion is advised, as the video contains imagery that can be offensive.

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