Did You Know: Steve Jobs Has Dyslexia

Jobs also had an odor problem around the time he worked for Atari

A chart posted at onlineschools.org reveals 15 things most people probably do not know about Apple’s chief executive officer. For example, he is dyslexic, meaning he has a learning disability that impairs his ability to read. But that didn’t stop Steve Jobs from becoming the world’s most iconic CEO, did it? Albert Einstein suffered from Dyslexia as well. Think this is common trait among geniuses?

Embedded below, the chart begins with a chronologic list of achievements and failures attributed to Mr. Jobs, including dropping out of college in 1973, Joining Atari in ‘74, founding what we call as Apple Inc. two years later, leaving the company in ‘85, founding NeXT, buying PIXAR, returning to Apple, and selling PIXAR. But this is all common knowledge for those who like Apple and the stuff it makes.

· Next up is the thing about him being Dyslexic, a “trait” he shares not only with Einstein, but also with Alexander Graham Bell, and Henry Ford.

· He was a trouble maker in his youth, the chart says. He reportedly spent 3rd grade as a self-confessed “little terror,” who “… let snakes loose in the classroom and exploded bombs.”

· After failing to convince Apple’s first board of directors to name him as employee number one (the badge went to Wozniak, fellow Apple co-founder), he protested until he received 0 (zero) because it came before 1.

· He first discovered computers at age 12, when Larry Lang, an engineer at HP, showed him one. He immediately wanted one, according to the chart, which includes a statement from Jobs: “I just thought they were neat. I just wanted to mess around with one.”

· Those who love the fonts available in Mac OS X should praise Steve for taking a calligraphy class where he reportedly became fascinated with fonts and penmanship.

· However, when he Joined Atari, he had such poor personal hygiene that they needed to move him to the night shift.

· He bought his first suit at age 22, for the 1977 West Coast Computer Faire, where he presented the Apple II.

· Skipping his daily uniform which, pretty much everyone who laid eyes on the guy knows what it is, the chart also mentions the accidentally-published obituary by Bloomberg declaring Jobs dead.

· Jobs is what they call a “fruitarian,” eating nothing but vegetables along with his wife.

· He convinced the President of PepsiCo to stop selling “sugared water” and “change the world” by becoming Apple’s CEO, in Apple’s early years (when the company was still called Apple Computer).

· His annual salary is $1, but he gets by thanks to the $48 million he earns annually from Disnet shares. Adding what he makes from other smart investments, which include Apple, he is the 136th richest guy around, with some $5,5 billion net worth.

· Last, but not least, Jobs is a prankster. He is known to have called up Starbucks asking for 4,000 lattes to go during the introduction of the original iPhone at Macworld 2007.

15 Things to Know About Steve Jobs

Via: Online Schools

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