Diablo III Linux Players Banned by Blizzard

There is no indication of what the Linux players are doing wrong

Diablo III is the latest action role-playing game released by Blizzard Entertainment and more importantly, it can be played on Linux, under Wine. The only problem with this solution is that it will probably get users banned.

Right after the launch of Diablo III, on May 15, there were a flurry of bans involving people playing the game in Linux, under Wine.

The community uproar was quelled by a statement from Blizzard in which they explained, covertly and diplomatically, that only cheaters were affected.

[ADMARk=1]People took them for granted, but now it seems this problem is returning, with a vengeance. People are starting to get banned again, apparently just because they are playing the game on Linux.

On the WineHQ forum, there's an interesting conversation started by the user “vexorian.”

“That's golden I got banned. Oh well. It was fun to play these two weeks. I think playing a couple of weeks in Linux is better than playing forever in windows.”

Another user, with the username “Nothing,” replied and said that he had the exact same problem, describing what happened.

“You too? Interesting. I've also only been playing a couple of weeks and I got a ban letter at 10:01 pm last night. Right now I would say don't play under Wine, especially not in a 64 bit OS with PlayOnLinux,” said the user.

“As soon as Blizzard ignores my ticket I'm going to issue a chargeback on my credit card. I suggest you do the same. For all of the people here and elsewhere saying that everyone banned using Linux/Wine was cheating, screw you. You're part of the problem, not part of the solution,” he continued.

One of the solutions proposed in the topic involves a feature called ptrace, which is not working well in some versions of Wine. Some games stop working because of ptrace and it might be interpreted by Blizzard as a way of messing with the Diablo III.

We'll share more information on this hot topic once it becomes available.

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