Diablo 3, a secret revealed?

Phantom at the orchestra

Blizzard didn't make any allusions about a possible Diablo 3, but this didn't stop rumors from circulating.

After Bill Roper's resignation, it looked like there wouldn't be any sequel to Diablo, even though Blizzard North had started to look for experienced designers.

But after Ropers's announcement that his new studio will launch Hellgate: London, an employee of the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra posted on DiabloII.net information according to which the orchestra is currently working at the soundtrack for Diablo 3.

Actually, the information was received as an e-mail whose content was this:

"I am musician in Czech Republic. I play not with one orchestra but with many depending on work. I have recently been to Bratislava in Slovak Republic for recording sessions with local Radio Symphony Orchestra, where we just recorded music for Diablo 3."

The information might contain some truth, because the same orchestra recorded the music for the add-on of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Obviously Blizzard didn't make any comments.

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