Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.7 Adds New Crafting and Gem Recipes

New account-bound gear and Marquise jewels will soon be available

Besides introducing the dueling mechanic and making changes to the Wizard and Monk classes, Diablo 3's patch 1.0.7 will also bring brand new recipes for the item crafting and the gem making systems.

Diablo 3 impressed a lot of people since its release in May of last year and players have spent a lot of time in the game, both in its actual story and in the Auction House, where they could sell and buy all sorts of gear.

Blizzard intends to decrease the dependency on the Auction House with the upcoming patch 1.0.7 for Diablo 3, as recipes for brand new account-bound items will be added to the blacksmith and jeweler artisans.

"In 1.0.7 we're adding a new set of Rare crafting recipes that will create account-bound gloves, pants, wrists, a chest piece, and an amulet," Blizzard said on its blog.

"These new items will have six affixes and feature a primary stat (Str, Dex, Int, Vit) that extends higher than what is currently available in the respective slots."

"The items will also require an account-bound crafting reagent called Demonic Essence, which drops from Elite monsters in Inferno. Much like the reagents in the Infernal Machine event, the chance of getting a Demonic Essence will increase at higher Monster Power levels."

Monster Power 0 has a 20% drop rate, according to Blizzard, and it will increase progressively, going from 23% or 26.45% up to 80.91 percent at Monster Power 10.

A new tier of Marquise gems will also be added to the Jeweler system, but it will require a lot of resources from players.

"In addition to new items, we're also adding a new tier of gems for those who really want to push their character farther. The new tier is called "Marquise" and most of its stats are in line with the current gem progression," the developer said.

"The current design is that these gems can be combined at the Jeweler for a substantial reagent and gold cost (3 Radiant Star gems, 20 million gold, and 1 Demonic Essence), and the designs will drop randomly from level 63 monsters around the world."

The new patch for Diablo 1.0.7 has yet to be released on the Public Test Realm, but Blizzard did promise that more details will be shared "very soon."

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