DiGi Co-Branded Opera Mini Arrives in Malaysia

A new, co-branded flavor of the Opera Mini browser is now available for download for non-smartphone users over at DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“DiGi”), offering them the possibility to take full advantage of a full mobile Internet experience.

Moreover, the DiGi-Opera Mini mobile browser, which was made available for download yesterday, would enable them to enjoy the Internet at faster and cheaper rates.

The new flavor of the mobile browser would arrive with all of the advantages that Opera Mini users benefit from, including the compression technology Opera packed it with, through which web pages that are sent to the phone are compressed by up to 90 percent.

The new mobile browser is expected to offer a much faster Internet to DiGi customers, at least when compared to the native browsers included with their handsets.

The new DiGi co-branded Opera Mini will enable users browse through DiGi sites for free, which would translate into significant cost savings when compared to other browsing platforms.

“DiGi has over 4.2 million Internet users for both small and big screens, and we foresee demand to escalate as more devices and data plans become more affordable,” Praveen Rajan, Head of Mobile Internet & Advanced Data Services for DiGi, explains.

“Our initiative to co-brand this well-regarded web browser is one of our key stepping stones to help propagate the mobile Internet habit among both existing and new customers."

Not only would the new DiGi-Opera Mini browser offer free surfing on the aforementioned websites, but it is also available for download for free, with no mobile Internet charges applied when it is being downloaded straight to the user's phones from March 23 – May 31, 2011.

On top of that, DiGi announced that its prepaid customers would benefit from a free 1MB of data, provided that they would download the new application during the campaign period.

“This marks an important step of Opera’s strategy in Asia. Malaysian consumers are becoming more discerning and demand the best mobile browsing experience when on the go,” Sean D’Arcy, Director of Partner Marketing & Management for Opera Software said.

“Our partnership with DiGi is the first operator-branded Opera Mini browser in Malaysia, and this gives DiGi customers the advantages of a great surfing experience that is faster and cheaper than any browser currently in the market.

Those with high-end phones will still benefit from Opera Mini’s compression and caching technology as it results in a faster surfing experience and minimal wait time.”

The new DiGi-Opera Mini mobile browser is available for download from m.opera.com.

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