“Dexter” Season 8 Trailer: Deb Is Losing It

Extended trailer for final season of the series promises lots of twists, drama and blood

Showtime has been keeping “Dexter” fans guessing about the eighth and final season of the series, but it’s finally delivering the goods. Check out an extended and very promising first look at the season in the new trailer above.

Season 7 ended with Dexter finding himself in even more trouble than before – I won’t say what that was, just in case some of you are yet to see the episode and prefer not to have it spoiled.

However, the events in it have set Dexter on a new crash course. What’s even worse, Deb too.

In the trailer above, Showtime teases about a possible direction the story will take but my guess is you shouldn’t believe everything you see. I’m really hoping for a huge surprise / twist at the end of the series.

What’s clear is Deb is losing it. She’s doing drugs and drinking herself to sleep, while sleeping with informants again because she really can’t deal with the reality of the fact that her monster brother has made her compromise everything she ever believed in.

I can’t wait to see how this plays out. The beginning starts for “Dexter” on June 30.

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