“Dexter” Could Return but Only with Michael C. Hall, Says Showtime Boss

New show would be something new, not a continuation

After 8 years of ups and downs (but mostly downs in the final seasons), Showtime’s once-brilliant “Dexter” series wrapped up last summer, leaving both fans and critics scratching their heads and punching the wall in frustration. The good news is that Dexter might still be redeemed, albeit in a different form.

We won’t get here into what got people so upset about how “Dexter” ended because, if you’re reading this, chances are you already know how the story of Miami’s biggest serial killer (and esteemed blood spatter analyst for the Miami PD) ended.

The bottom line is that Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall, did not die. And this is exactly the kind of thing that leaves the door open to – not to mention invites a lot of speculation on – the possibility of having Dexter wander the streets at night once more, in search for his next law-evading victim.

At least, that’s what Showtime President David Nevins would have us believe, IGN reports. Nevins says they’re constantly talking about bringing Dexter back but he’s dead set on making it a new show, not just a continuation of the old one.

So far, though, he stresses, all that talk has amounted to just “light conversations” that haven’t “really gone anywhere yet.” He does say one thing loud and clear: if Dexter is to come back in any shape or form, it won’t be without the man who made him such a popular antihero, Michael C. Hall.

“It would have to involve Michael. I think if we were to do it, I would only do it with Michael,” he says.

Asked if Dexter didn’t die just so he could return later in another project, as rumors had it at one point, Nevin tries to downplay them. “I don’t know. I’m not sure. And it remains to be seen whether they’re going to want to do it, whether I’m going to want to do it. But they never felt like killing Dexter was the right end,” he says.

“We’re at the very preliminary stage. But I think that show is that character and it’s not been done in television. If I were to do something, I would want to do Dexter in a new concept and configuration. I want it to feel different – not just a continuation of the old show,” Nevins continues.

He also defends the ending that “Dexter” got, saying it was right and he does make a valid point: the idea of it was right, but the execution was so bad it earned the network the “distinction” of airing the lamest and most undeserved series finale of all times.

Would you tune in for the new adventures of the old Dexter, if they were ever made into a new series? Let us know in the comments section below.

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