Devhelp 3.7.5 Features Revamped User Interface

This is a development release for the GNOME 3.7.5 desktop environment

The developers behind the Devhelp project, an API documentation browser for the GNOME desktop environment and the GTK+ toolkit, announced yesterday, February 6, the immediate availability for download and testing of Devhelp 3.7.5.

Devhelp 3.7.5 will be part of the upcoming GNOME 3.7.5 development release, which should be out in the next days. It brings a revamped user interface, many bug fixes and lots of updated translations.

Highlights of Devhelp 3.7.5:

• Revamped user interface to match the GNOME 3 style;

• Fixed header links that did not jump to the correct point in text;

• Fixed the port to GSettings;

• Fixed a window title issue, which was not updated when pages were opened from search;

• Custom marshallers are no longer used;

• Ported to Python 3;

• The search entry is now used for search entries;

• Added the ability to search without switching tabs;

• Fixed font selection issues;

• Removed dh_init() from libdevhelp’s header;

• Fixed an assistant-view issue related to a DhApplication reference;

• Fixed back/forward navigation with WebKit 2;

• Fixed .pc file build issues in libdevhelp;

• Fixed memory leaks.

“This release sees a revamp of the UI according to match GNOME 3 applications, thanks to the work of Aleksander Morgado and Thomas Bechtold during the developer experience hackfest in Brussels,” the official changelog read.

Moreover, the following translations have been updated in Devhelp 3.7.5: Bulgarian, Greek, Spanish, Galician, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Serbian Latin, Serbian, Uyghur, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Last but not least, the developers wish to thank to all the contributors for this development release of Devhelp, including Gheyret Kenji, Thomas Bechtold, Kjartan Maraas, Carl-Anton Ingmarsson, Pavel Vasin, Alexander Shopov, Aurimas ÄŒernius, Milo Casagrande, Daniel Mustieles, Dimitris Spingos, Yaron Shahrabani, Chao-Hsiung Liao, Aleksander Morgado.

Download Devhelp 3.7.5 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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