Devastating Winter Storm to Hit Midwest US This Thursday

The storm has already made one victim in Oklahoma, official reports say

This Thursday, the Midwest US is to be hit by a powerful winter storm, which some say might turn out to be even more devastating than the so-called Groundhog Day blizzard that wreaked havoc in said country's central regions back in 2011.

By the looks of it, this winter storm will end up covering the Midwest US under a foot of snow. Because of this, the country's high officials fear that traffic, communication systems and power lines will all find themselves affected.

Information made available to the general public thus far says that, up until now, this winter storm has already made one victim in Oklahoma.

More precisely, official reports say that, because of the snow and the ice that covered the aforementioned state's roads, an 18-year-old man died as a result of losing control over his vehicle and skidding off State Highway 19.

According to USA Today, the country's high officials are doing their best to safeguard the population against the upcoming storm.

More precisely, winter storm warnings targeting American states from Colorado through Illinois have been issued.

Furthermore, those inhabiting the country's southern regions (i.e. eastern Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi) have been informed that, due to finding themselves on the warmer side of the storm, they might experience being hit by several tornadoes.

As explained on the official website for the country's National Weather Service, “A big upper level low currently over the southern rockies is forecast to move into western Texas by Wednesday afternoon. This upper low is helping to develop a surface low over the central plains, which will cause moisture to move northward from the gulf of Mexico.”

Furthermore, “This moisture will interact with a cold air mass over Kansas and Nebraska, setting the stage for a significant snowfall event over this regions, with some place possibly receiving over a foot of snow before it is all over.”

“To the south of the heavy snow area, sleet and freezing rain is likely over parts of Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas as warmer air aloft will advect over a shallow cold layer near the surface.”

By the looks of it, the US Weather Channel has decided to name this natural phenomenon Winter Storm Q.

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