Dev-Team Prepares iPhone 4S (A5) Jailbreak Release

MuscleNerd says Corona A5 jailbreak is ‘nearly ready to pop’

In anticipation of the A5 jailbreak release for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users worldwide, iPhone Dev-Team leader MuscleNerd has issued a lengthy explanatory post on the implications of said jailbreak. The hacker suggests the release is moments away.

In a terse message sent out to all his Twitter followers, MuscleNerd today said: “Corona A5 jailbreak nearly ready to pop...please read carefully!”

The shortened URL takes iOS users to the latest Dev-Team blog entry (likely also written by MuscleNerd) which reveals that the A5 version of the Corona jailbreak will take multiple forms, in order to be as flexible as possible.

In other words, the dream-team working on this new hack is taking into account every possible device configuration and plans to release multiple jailbreak tools / methods, to ensure everyone safely hops aboard the A5 jailbreak train.

For the full breakdown, see the Dev-Team blog.

For those who are interested in the basic idea, iPhone Dev and Chronic Dev have incorporated the overall flow into GUIs (like Redsn0w) and CLIs (command-line interface) that run either on Mac or PC, or both, to make it easy for everyone to jailbreak.

The combined efforts of Pod2g and several members of the iPhone Dev Team and the Chronic Dev Team have yielded enough exploitable holes in iOS 5 to get ready for a general release, MuscleNerd says.

He confirms that “All technical hurdles dealing with the underlying technique have been overcome, and it’s now all about making the jailbreak as bug free as possible.”

He does ask the iOS community to allow some time to clean up any remaining bugs. He also mentions that generous jail breakers can use PayPal to issue any contributions to the teams. There’s a single shared account, which means you give out to the entire dream-team that made all this possible.

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