Dev Pulls Blog Post After Disclosing Collaboration with Apple on iTunes 11 Camera Redeemer

Developer Geppy Parziale likely saw his hand forced by the Cupertino giant

It has been revealed that the chief of iNVASIVECODE, Geppy Parziale, had been helping Apple out with a nifty little feature in iTunes 11 that enables gift card holders to redeem the value simply by holding the code up to the computer’s webcam.

Geppy Parziale reportedly worked closely on the new code redeemer in iTunes 11 with Apple. He decided to share his experience in a blog post which, for one reason or another, is no longer online.

There’s a good chance the ever secretive Apple Inc. ordered Parziale to pull the post in question as it may have disclosed some sensitive information.

Parziale said, “The last 12 months have been really exciting and intense for me. This project represented a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and touch new things and really push the limits of technologies and devices.”

“Many people and teams were involved in this project,” he wrote, already divulging stuff that Apple probably didn’t want to let out.

“You cannot imagine the quality and quantity of engineering, design, development, integration, testing, manufacturing, marketing, management and coordination behind just this single feature. This is Apple,” he wrote.

While this kind of praise cannot possibly hurt Apple, the company’s policies surrounding partnership disclosures are quite stringent.

Especially when the other party mentions that “a very sophisticated set of image processing and computer vision algorithms extracts the 16-digit code from the iTunes Card and converts it into a string in few milliseconds.”

According to a quotation by iClarified, Parziale further pinpointed for his followers that “Core Animation, Accelerate, Core Graphics, GCD, AVFoundation and other frameworks were combined together to meet some very strict performance and usability requirements.”

These are all Apple frameworks, by the way. The developer had further explained the process behind the image recognition function in great detail.

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