Deus Ex Developer Says Craftsmanship Was Crucial to Game Success

The team contributed to all the core aspects of the game

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a big success for both developer Eidos Montreal, and publisher Square Enix. One leading executive working on the game says that one of the reasons for this was the collaborative process that the team employed.

Speaking about the development process for Deus Ex: Human RevolutionStephane D’Astous, the general manager at Eidos Montreal, told Gamasutra that the entire team was part of the narrative creation process mainly because members of the team “like to not do just one single thing during three years. I think we're trying to put into place the better conditions for craftsmanship, because the games that I personally enjoy, I see the quality of how they assemble all this together, and - for me, anyway - that's something, really, that distinguishes yourself between a regular product, and a great product. And smaller teams are better positioned to do that.”

The executive also talked about the responsibilities that he now has, given the Eidos expansion in Canada, and added, “I was quite satisfied before I was asked to look into enlarging the footprint in Canada. I was starting to see a little bit more stability that we've built in three different phases. And I was glad to start now working a bit closer with the dev cycle guys.”

The Montreal Eidos studio is at the moment working on a new Thief video game, which will probably be launched later during this year, while the new Canadian studio in Toronto will be handling the Hitman series in the coming years.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was launched during 2011 as a prequel to the classic game that started the series and it managed to capture the essence of the universe, while also introducing a number of new gameplay mechanics that are very modern.

The game received one significant DLC pack since launch and it is not clear whether Eidos Montreal plans to deliver any more.

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