Details on Rock Band 2 DLC for the Nintendo Wii

And storage devices

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Harmonix already made a big announcement, saying that Rock Band 3 would not arrive in 2009, a music game focused on songs from The Beatles taking over the development time of the studio. Now, the company is also offering some details regarding downloadable tracks for the Rock Band 2 port for the Nintendo Wii.

A partnership has been developed with SanDisk and an SD card has been created with the Rock Band 2 brand applied. It's priced at 12.99 dollars and offers 2 GB of space.

A track for the Nintendo Wii version of Rock Band 2 seems to occupy around 24 MB of disk space, so a 2 GB flash memory card has enough space to take on 75 of them or more, allowing for a bigger number of shorter songs to be stored.

On the game's official forums, Harmonix has posted that “The downloadable content is in the final testing stages and Harmonix is working as fast as possible to deliver the 20 free bonus songs for Rock Band 2, plus an additional 30 songs from the Rock Band DLC Catalog to fans as early in 2009 as possible.”

At the moment, there's no fixed date at which DLC tracks for the Nintendo Wii should arrive. It's clear that the 20 free downloadable tracks that were offered to the gamers who used the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 will also arrive for those using a Nintendo home console. Harmonix is also saying that another 30 songs from the extensive catalog of DLC for Rock Band 2 will be made available at the same time. No names are available for now.

Nintendo Wii players offer a perfect audience for music games and both Guitar Hero and Rock Band are trying to get as much as the market share as possible, especially seeing how, on other platforms, sales of music games seem to be slowing down, leading some commentators to talk of a “music sim fatigue.”

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