Details on Nokia Drive 3.0 and Nokia Transport 2.0 Emerge

Both applications are expected to arrive on Windows Phone soon

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is moving closer to the release of two new applications for its Windows Phone devices, namely Nokia Drive 3.0 and Nokia Transport 2.0.

The company has already offered a preview of the new flavor of Nokia Drive at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, but hasn’t yet provided a specific release date for it.

However, the guys over at have discovered additional details on the application, and have also come up with a series of screenshots of it in action.

One of the main new features that we should expect to make it inside Nokia Drive 3.0 would be its capability to learn driving habits based on user’s own “style,” thus becoming more efficient and personal.

Additionally, the software will arrive with real-time tracking of travel and density of traffic movements, and will deliver such info via a live tile.

Other features include automatic determination of time of day, along with the change of color scheme cards accordingly. It will also offer the option to manually adjust routes, and will come with off-line favorite lists, providing the possibility to fix tiles on the desktop.

When it comes to Nokia Transport 2.0 app, said Russian forum unveiled the fact that it would enable users to search for public transport using their location, and that it would deliver info on nearby transportation: buses, trains, trams, subways, taxis, marked stops.

Other features include the displaying of routes with transfers, support for scheduling in 87 countries around the world, and fast access to Favorites.

The software also comes with advanced search, the options to save query history or to change the query without a new route, as well as with faster search and installation of the route and with a series of optimizations brought to its overall performance.

As WMPoweruser notes, details on when the updated application versions will arrive on Nokia’s Windows Phone devices should emerge in a matter of weeks, so stay tuned for more on the matter.


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