Details of 700 Students Leaked from Syrian Virtual University

Hackers from GreySecurity took credit for the breach

A hacker group called GreySecurity, or GSec, has hacked into the systems of the Syrian Virtual University ( and has leaked the email addresses of around 700 students.

Over the past period, hackers have mostly tried to protect Syrian organizations, but it appears that some collectives don’t necessarily care about the agenda of Anonymous and other hacktivists.

“This database leak, isn't for any specific reason, nor an operation. This was done, just to prove one simple point, there is no such thing as security,” the hackers explained.

Besides the addresses, the hackers have also published database information and several usernames associated with some of the email accounts.

Judging by the hackers’ statement, it’s likely that they’ve gained access to other information as well, although only the aforementioned details have been leaked.

“We are back, and well prepared. You will not find us. You cannot stop us. We will be the end of you,” the hackers wrote.

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