Details Exposed for Intel Haswell and Broadwell CPUs

There are nine of the former and five of the latter

This past month (December 2012) hasn't been short of leaks regarding Intel's upcoming collection of CPUs, which is why this newest one doesn't exactly bear the same shock factor as before.

Expreview, which exposed the FX-8300 8-Core Vishera CPU, is where the comprehensive specifications slide turned up.

On it are nine Haswell central processing units (both fixed and replaceable) and five Broadwell CPUs (mostly impossible to replace on mainboards).

The picture up on the left has all the specifications known about the CPUs at this time.

In the Broadwell collection, there will be a single LGA 1150 model (quad-core for desktop / mini PC motherboards).

Three will use the BGA layout. Two of them will be dual-core SoCs (system-on-chip devices) and one will be made for mini-ITX motherboards with integrated processor builds.

That leaves one unit with the PGA package (mobile chip but replaceable).

The Haswell series is only slightly more balanced, so to speak, with two LGA 1150 desktop units (one quad-core and one dual-core), four BGA chips (three quad-core, one dual-core), and three BGA SoC-type processors (all dual-core).

All in all, the upcoming processors in this latest list are neither too powerful nor too weak. There will be high-tier Haswell units sure enough, but this latest report makes it clear that the entry-level and mid-range segments are well taken care of as well, or will be.

The TDPs of the chips (thermal design power) are low as well. The Haswell processors go as low as 37W, while the Broadwell reach below even 10W.

Intel didn't really have the choice to slack off in that area though, not when it needed low-power but decent processors for Ultrabooks. That these ultraportable laptops need lower prices only spurned it on.

Information on the high-end Haswell mobile processors was not included in the leak, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We reported it here.

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