Destiny Xbox One and Xbox 360 Beta Is Live, Experiencing Some Issues

Don't start the game until the download is 100% complete, Bungie advises

Bungie started the beta of its upcoming first-person shooter Destiny for Xbox platforms today, but things apparently didn't go very well for some of Microsoft's customers.

The installation process is a two-stage process, which isn't explained in the best way and suffers from a pretty nasty issue, which affected a lot of users. When you start the download, it progresses to 2 percent and then says it's "ready to start," but if you launch the game, you might experience some troubles.

Many users are currently facing installation issues, resulting in a warning about a corrupted installation, requiring a fresh download to sort out.

Fortunately, Bungie is aware of the problem, as the company has already mentioned via Twitter that it is working on it.

"We're aware of issues with installing on Xbox One. Please stand by for instructions," a company representative has advised earlier.

The developer has updated the beta FAQ, recommending that users do not launch the game until the download reaches 100 percent completion, and just ignore the fact that the launcher states that the game is ready to start, pointing out that the problem is most likely due to the fact that the installer is attempting to access a package that isn't fully downloaded yet.

When the progress bar reaches 100 percent, you are free to launch the client and complete the installation without any further issues.

"Your download is likely not corrupted, and happily downloading in the background. Please wait to launch Destiny until it is 100% downloaded. To monitor the progress of your Destiny Beta download, please navigate to the Games & Apps tile from the Xbox One home screen," Bungie explains via Twitter.

This means that even if your Xbox One computer entertainment system tells you that the game files are corrupted, you shouldn't delete them like instructed, but instead first check in your Games & Apps area, to see whether Destiny is still downloading.

If it is, allow it to reach 100 percent, then try relaunching the beta client, and you should be able to install and play the game.

The second part of the beta is available for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users, as well as Xbox 360 and Xbox One players, and it goes on through July 27. Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform support, and Bungie does not intend to include it in the final version of Destiny, scheduled to launch on September 9.

Also, be aware of the fact that while Xbox Live Gold trials are compatible with the Xbox One version of the beta, you need full Gold access in order to be able to download and play it on the Xbox 360.

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