Destiny Will Redefine Shooter Genre As Halo Did, Says Activision

Developer Bungie has long-term plans for the new franchise

The new Destiny project from Bungie might have been revealed just a few days ago, but publisher Activision already sees the game as the next big revolution coming to the shooter genre, with a bigger long-term impact than that of Halo.

Eric Hirshberg, the chief executive officer at Activision Publishing, states in the official announcement that, “Bungie defined first-person action games over a decade ago with Halo, and with Destiny they will evolve the genre once again.”

He went on to describe Destiny as a game that continues to evolve, which might suggest a strong multiplayer component for the video game or a long-term program for downloadable content delivery.

The executive also emphasizes the social aspect of the Destiny experience, which allows gamers to find fellow adventurers even in the single-player component.

Eric Hirshberg adds, “Activision focuses on doing a few things, exceptionally well. And Bungie has had the same ethos. Together we are focusing the considerable resources, creativity and energy of both organizations to do something new, something ambitious, but most importantly, something fun.”

Destiny is designed to use a science fiction setting and an entirely new game engine that can render vast vistas and allow players to engage in massive battles.

Bungie officially revealed the game on Sunday, but the company is at the moment only giving snippets of information, without going into detail about the exact game mechanics.

The look of the game seems to owe much to the Space Marines from Warhammer 40,000, but Bungie will probably add more originality to the finished look.

Destiny will use core shooter mechanics that some have described as very similar to those of Halo.

The game is supposed to launch during 2014 on the next generation of home consoles from Sony and Microsoft, but also on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 360.

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