Destiny Dev Loves Gamers on All Platforms, Doesn't Talk About PlayStation Exclusives

The game will play the same on all consoles despite extra content on PS4 & PS3

Destiny developer Bungie has talked a bit about its perceived favor of PlayStation fans to the detriment of Xbox users, saying that it loves all of its fans equally while declining to say anything about the myriad of PlayStation-exclusive content and features offered to PS3 and PS4 owners.

Destiny is one of the biggest games of the year that will appear across the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One platforms.

Developer Bungie and publisher Activision have made a special partnership with Sony in order to secure PlayStation owners lots of different advantages.

From exclusive DLC to four extra days of beta time in the upcoming test phase this month, plenty of great things are coming to PS3 and PS4 users.

As you can imagine, Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners aren't that thrilled and have accused the company of favoring PlayStation fans while not offering anything in return to Xbox users that fell in love in Bungie's previous project, Halo.

Bungie has once again offered a statement on its website but once again skirted carefully around the issue of favoring one side than the other.

"We don't hate any of our fans. When we look at [the Bungie community], we see gamers. We dare say that we see Bungie fans – although that might be assuming too much. Loving a good game and the hard-working developers who create it is not a console exclusive. This is one place where Guardians will truly be equal. You’ll each have a chance to become legend."

Bungie hopes that fans will be able to have a great time in Destiny no matter the platform and what sort of other things they get on top of the basic game that's common across all consoles.

"Our hope is that we can use this environment to talk about the amazing experiences we will all have in common. Bungie has embraced many different platforms in our storied history. We have a hard time sitting still," the studio adds.

"Our goal has been to create amazing worlds and fill them with as many passionate people as possible. What we would tell you is that, if you want to explore the world of Destiny, it was built with you in mind. We make games here at Bungie. We love the people who play them equally."

As such, while it seems that Bungie loves gamers equally, some will get more content than others and lots more access into the upcoming beta phase.

The full game debuts on September 9.

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