Despite the 29,000 Planned Layoffs, One HP Division Is Growing

HP Taiwan R&D team is growing somewhat, along with the marketing department

Though some may have missed it among all the other news about layoffs and problems, HP is actually firing people as well. 29,000 will have lost their jobs in the near future.

Fortunately, HP at least has a strategy that goes beyond firing people for the sake of money savings.

While fewer wages to pay will allow it to save more money, the company is also performing different maneuvers.

While some of its various branch offices around the world are getting downsized, HP Taiwan is not.

In fact, HP Taiwan's marketing and R&D teams are seeing new recruits. This might last for a while too.

Since HP has lost its position as top PC maker to Lenovo, it is clearly diverting its focus to other areas.

Overall, it is not the prettiest way to deal with problems like the Autonomy fraud inquiries, but not the worst either.

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