Despite CryEngine Popularity, Crytek Still Wants to Focus on Games

The German studio wants to be a game developer first, then an engine one

Crytek, the company behind the very successful Crysis games and the one responsible for the quite popular CryEngine technology, has confirmed that it will continue to focus on making new experiences, despite the fact that its engine is overtaking Epic’s Unreal one in Asia and other parts of the world.

Crytek has always impressed in terms of video game technology, what with the first Crysis and its spinoff, Crysis: Warhead.

With 2011’s Crysis 2, not only did the company release the game, but it also began licensing the CryEngine technology that was powering it to other studios.

While not a lot people thought the German studio could rival Epic Games’ extremely popular Unreal Engine, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has confirmed that the CryEngine has overtaken the Unreal one in plenty of areas around the world.

“In the Western world, we are getting very close to where Unreal is through a number of licenses that are not disclosed,” Yerli told GamesIndustry.

“But in the Asian area, in the online area, we are actually outpacing Epic right now, despite the fact that we have not really pushed marketing or a strategy to become number one there. The engine just grew to be number one in the MMO and online space, especially in Korea and China.”

This success won’t result in any change of strategy for Crytek, as Yerli is adamant that the company will continue to focus on making great games and then on promoting its CryEngine technology.

“Our strategy has been not to hunt for the number one position ever,” Yerli explained. “We are not a technology licensing company first. We are a games company first. We always want to make more money for our company through games business than through engine business.”

“That's a very important part, because otherwise, our company culture would change radically. In order to be able to do what we did, which is expand the studio and explore new things, we would not be able to do that if engine business were the first revenue generator. For us, it's about the games first.”

The newest additions to the CryEngine technology will be admired by fans next year, when the company releases Crysis 3 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms.

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