“Despicable Me” Minions Get Their Own Spinoff Feature Film

Sequel is now in the works, spinoff will mostly likely arrive in 2014

“Despicable Me” proved to be quite a hit both with audiences and critics. While a sequel is already in the works, a spinoff may also arrive as early as 2014, Deadline has learned.

The yellow bean Minions are getting their own feature film!

“The adorable yellow-colored critters that began as henchmen for Groo in Despicable Me are now leading men (?) for a film Universal will release in 2014,” Deadline writes.

“The film is an original story that will introduce new characters and reprise others that originated in Despicable Me, but the focus is on the antics of the yellow fellows as they interact with human characters,” adds the same media outlet.

A script is now in the works, while a director and co-director have already been chosen.

One possible obstacle the Minions movie will have to face and overcome is that they don't really speak any recognizable language, which could make them rather difficult leading stars. Then again, maybe this will work to their advantage.

Above is a short film inspired by “Despicable Me,” also with the Minions.

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