Designer John Galliano Arrested for Assault, Anti-Semitic Tirade

John Galliano, the designer for the House of Dior, was arrested in Paris the other day after attacking a couple in a restaurant and making anti-Semitic comments about them. He has not been charged with anything.

The eccentric designer seems to have been slightly intoxicated, but it wasn’t just this that made him explode and lash out at the couple, the Huffington Post says citing ongoing reports.

Stress and exhaustion also played an important part in the outburst, since they seem to have gotten the best of Galliano, making him act in such a manner.

“The incident occurred at a cafe in the Marais district where Galliano started yelling at a couple,” the Post notes.

Police sources are telling the media they’re yet to establish whether Galliano knew the couple before the altercation or if this was the first time they met.

No word yet either on whether the two said anything to provoke the designer or, if they did, what that might have been to justify such a virulent reaction.

“Witnesses said [Galliano] swore heavily, using anti-Jewish insults, before attacking a couple. Both have provided witness statements, as have a number of other people at the bar, including staff,” another police source says.

“Galliano was then taken back to the police station for a sobriety test and was determined to be slightly over the legal limit,” the Post writes.

He was released shortly afterwards and police officers accompanied him home. No charges were brought against him.

As for the cause of the outburst, this seems to have been a combination of alcohol and stress and exhaustion.

“One policeman said the outburst was prompted by stress ahead of fashion week, which starts next Monday and at which Dior’s show is always in the spotlight,” says another police source.

John Galliano is yet to comment on the incident in any way.

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