Deodorants Get Smaller, Price Stays the Same

Unilever says that its rolling out smaller deodorants benefits the environment

The news has just broken that Unilever, the company in charge of manufacturing and marketing deodorants such as Axe, Dove, Sunsilk and Rexona has decided to roll out smaller cans, all for the sake of the environment.

More precisely, it looks like deodorants that used to come in cans of 150 ml will from now on be sold in cans of just 75 ml. Interestingly enough, the price is expected to remain the same.

Despite their shrinking in said manner, the deodorants will allegedly last just as long as their slightly larger versions did, which means that customers need not worry about not getting their money's worth, Unilever wished to reassure the general public.

According to Business Green, Unilever's decision to roll out these so-called miniature deodorants, as many refer to them, stems from its reaching the conclusion that smaller cans contain significantly less gas and about a quarter less aluminum.

In case anyone was wondering, this translates into less energy being used in order to manufacture them.

Furthermore, smaller deodorants also occupy less space, meaning that the company would have to use fewer vehicles in order to transport them to various stores.

Needless to say, this means that Unilever stands to also improve on its fuel consumption rates and on its carbon emissions-related ecological footprint.

Commenting on Unilever's decision, the Director of Design and Waste Prevention at the UK's government's Waste and Resources Action Programme, Richard Swannell, argued as follows:

“The new aerosols represent a step change in the aerosol category and WRAP applauds Unilever's leadership role in evolving the format.”

Furthermore, “Through the Courtauld Commitment we have encouraged packaging innovation and these new aerosols deliver both impressive packaging and transport savings. We hope the environmental benefits, as well as the convenient small size, are appreciated by the consumer.”

Hopefully, people will not show reluctance towards these smaller deodorants and agree to give them a try.

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