Denzel Washington and Paula Patton Spark Secret Relationship Rumors

The former co-stars are said to be seeing each other on the side

If for recently separated Paula Patton an affair wouldn't be something people would raise an eyebrow for, the same can't be said about one of the best African-American actors in Hollywood today. That's because Denzel Washington has been a married man for 31 years.

Recent rumors coming from the National Enquirer are claiming that the two actors who were seen together on screen in the movie “2 Guns,” where they shared some hot moments on camera as they performed a steamy love scene, are also involved in a secret relationship.

The “cheating scandal” is adding fuel to the rumors that Denzel's marriage is very much on the rocks and about to fall apart. Meanwhile, Patton's marriage to singer Robin Thicke has already taken a tumble, but it's not through any fault of her own, as far as the media knows, but due to his constant infidelities.

“Friends fear the cheating scandal will be another blow to his marriage with his long-suffering wife Pauletta,” claims the newspaper, saying that Paula was “making a move” on Denzel who apparently “reached out” to her after he heard of her split.

Denzel's wife, Pauletta, seems to have caught on there was something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark and confronted her actor husband about a possible relationship with Paula Patton. She “confronted Denzel and demanded to know if he was having an affair with Paula. He denied it, and said she just wasn’t his type,” according to an insider.

The evidence presented by the source is circumstantial at best and doesn't hold out under a more scrutinizing eye. It claims that “People in Hollywood were whispering that Denzel and Paula’s relationship seemed highly inappropriate, considering they were both married,” but doesn't give out names or hard facts, which makes the entire matter highly suspicious.

Meanwhile, Robin Thicke is still banging the drum around town, preaching his love for Paula during each and every concert and media appearance, begging her to take him back. He must be doing something right, because Patton has yet to hire a divorce lawyer and start the procedure, and many speculate that she's actually considering giving him another shot.

It's highly unlikely that she's seeking solace in the arms of a married man, especially one so high-profile as Denzel Washington, after being cheated during her own marriage. A rep from Washington has addressed the rumor and shot it down as completely false.

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