Dennis Rodman Drinking Heavily After Rehab Stint

The basketball player has been just three days out of rehab

After a very embarrassing meltdown on TV and an even more embarrassing trip to North Korea to sing Happy Birthday to dictator Kim Jong-un, bad boy Dennis Rodman isn't letting up. The former Chicago Bulls player has been spotted drunk in a South Beach Club this weekend.

Page Six has the scoop that “The Worm” could be seen downing Kamikaze shots, one after the other, at the grand opening of a club in South Beach on Friday.

One eyewitness says that “He was walking around, going up to random tables and mingling ’round the club. He was drinking kamikaze shots, and every time he would take one, he would scream ‘It’s kamikaze time!’”

While that sounds like a fun party, Dennis is fresh out of rehab after going ballistic on national television, when he was asked why he was going to North Korea to play a demonstrative basketball game with other former NBA stars in honor of their dictator president.

The people on the scene claim that Rodman was drunk before arriving at the club, despite his short stint in a New Jersey rehab facility.

A representative of Rodman's told the media that “We know it’s not easy for him, but we remain supportive of him during this time. As he told . . . CNN, he doesn’t plan on quitting, he’s just trying to cut back.”

The basketball player has admitted to having an issue when he told Chris Cuomo, the very journalist he snapped at during his interview, while still in rehab, that “I drink because I'm bored.”

At the moment, it does look like Rodman has nothing better to fill up his time with other than partying non-stop. He's continuing his stint from North Korea where it's said he was drunk for most of the time, after the local dignitaries gifted him with expensive bottles of vodka.

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