Denise Richards Will Babysit for Brooke Mueller While She’s in Rehab

Charlie Sheen’s exes are one big happy family, help each other out whenever need be

Not all exes are enemies and not all former wives of the same man implicitly hate each other. Despite several media scandals, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller remain good friends – so good that Denise will babysit for Brooke while she’s in rehab.

Over the weekend, Brooke was rushed to the hospital after a suspected drug overdose, which she initially denied. Shortly afterwards, though, she checked back in rehab to seek treatment for an Adderall addiction.

Word has emerged that Brooke’s two children with Charlie Sheen will be living with Denise, who was also married to Charlie a while back.

“Mueller reportedly asked Richards to help care for her three-year-old boys Max and Bob before she checked into a treatment facility on Monday (10Dec12) to deal with her prescription pill problems, and the former Bond girl was happy to oblige,” writes, citing a WENN report.

According to unnamed sources familiar with the situation, Brooke had to turn to Denise because Charlie can’t take the kids seeing how he’s busy working on his brand new hit show, “Anger Management.”

The new arrangement will reportedly stand for “an indefinite period of time,” which means for how many weeks Brooke needs to get her problem under control.

“The 41 year old has been supporting Mueller through her drug battles and multiple rehab stints in recent years, and previously took care of Sheen's boys while mum stayed at a wellness center to aid her recovery earlier this year,” the report further mentions.

As we also informed you yesterday, Mueller’s rep confirmed that her recent hospitalization was caused by overmedication on Adderall, but stressed that she was not back on drugs, as some media outlets were quick to speculate.

More than anything, her latest rehab stint (she’s already been admitted at one such center at least 15 times) is, more than anything, confirmation that she’s committed to staying clean.

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