Denise Richards Moves Out of Charlie Sheen's Mansion to Avoid Eviction

The mother of three lived in Sheen's home to keep their daughters closer to school

It's been a roller coaster ride in the Richards-Sheen relationship in the last couple of months. The estranged actors have recently had their very public dispute and now Denise Richards seems to be bowing out.

Radar has it on good authority that Denise is choosing the high road and is ready to move out of Charlie's home, in order to avoid an embarrassing eviction. The former wife was recently blasted by Sheen to leave his home along with their daughters.

The reason for this sudden change of heart is said to be Charlie's current adult star girlfriend, Brett Rossi, who, allegedly, had had it with driving past Denise every day on her way out of the exclusive gated community of Mulholland Estates in Beverly Hills.

Denise and her daughters lived in a home owned by Charlie, close to the actor's home, because it was close to the girls' school, affording them a short 5-minute trip by car, instead of an hour-long journey from their mother's home.

Insiders confirm that now Denise is looking to lease or buy a home in Beverly Hills or Bel Air, but not one of the homes she's viewed so far are situated in Mulholland Estates, suggesting the rumors are true and that it was indeed Rossi who caused the entire move, by refusing to live in the same neighborhood as Charlie's ex.

Despite the fact that Sheen and Rossi have been dating for a brief period of time, he seems willing to make a lot of sacrifices for her, including his former wife and their children on the street. Rossi also received a very expensive Mercedes from the actor as a token of his love.

The attention now moves to Brooke Mueller, Charlie's third ex-wife, who also lives in Mulholland Estates exclusive gated community, in a home owned by Sheen. Since Brett is clearly not fond of any “competittion,” Mueller might soon find herself in the same predicament as Richards.

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