Denise Richards' Dog Dies, Leaves Her Heartbroken

The celebrity's French Bulldog was 13 years old when it passed away

Denise Richards has recently lost her 13-year-old French Bulldog, and the celebrity admits that its passing away left her brokenhearted.

Apparently, Hank died this past Sunday, yet Denise Richards and her family waited until the following day to go public with the news, Contact Music reports.

“Last night we lost our beloved Hank ... I will miss him dearly,13 yrs old ... been there for me thru it all Best dog ever & part of our family,” the 41-year-old celebrity tweeted.

Presently, Denise Richards is grateful to those who spared a few moments to offer her some comfort.

“Thank you so much for your kind messages about Hank ... it means alot to me. You guys are the best ... so thoughtful & kind. Xo,” reads one other of the actress's Twitter posts.

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