Demonoid Is Facing Hardware Troubles, Downtime Expected

Ram, hard-drive and power circuit problems plague Demonoid

TorrentFreak reports that Ukrainian-based BitTorrent tracker Demonoid is facing some huge hardware problems that will certainly result in some downtime for its users. Demonoid admins have admitted to having serious problems with a lot of components ranging from system memory, hard-drives and power circuits.

It seems that a little problem has escalated into a serious damage since just days before, the tracker was working just fine. After an unresolved initial hardware problem, the damage extended to some other components inside its data center.

“We are experiencing power outages that have caused some ram and hard drive issues. We might have to shut down everything to fix and prevent further damage,” said a Demonoid statement, “days maybe, until we can change the power circuit.”

This comes as the tracker is struggling to stay alive after some serious legal disputes in recent years that forced Demonoid owners to move camp up to three times until now.

Initially, the tracker started out in Holland, but after the BREIN anti-piracy group launched several legal attacks, Demonoid quickly moved to a calmer environment in Canada. That didn't last any longer after the local CRIA anti-piracy group forced Demonoid to shut down its operations there too.

The site made a triumphant return in 2008, after six months of blackout, relocating in the Ukraine, a safer environment for piracy prone activities. Recently, to obey local laws that forbids any piracy activity for Ukrainian (and Russian) citizens, Demonoid has blocked all those users coming from these countries and operates in legal peace from its new location.

Demonoid is still under scrutiny from major recording and entertainment companies around the Globe for its lite policy against copyrighted material, a scrutiny that it has managed to fend off until now with greater success than other rivals like Mininova, Pirate Bay or IsoHunt.

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