Demonoid Domains Are Up for Sale

The fate of the BitTorrent site is sealed at this point

For those still harboring hope for Demonoid, or wanting to believe some conspiracy-theory version of reality where Demonoid hasn't been taken down by the US government, the latest development should be a wake-up call, Demonoid's domain names are now up for sale. Maybe to raise money for a legal defense., and are all up for sale on Sedo, a site that specializes on this type of transactions.

TorrentFreak believes that the domain names have been put up for sale by the site's tech admin, who hasn't been snared by the wave of arrests related to the site.

Whatever the case, the domains are up for sale and they'll most likely be snatched up by someone looking to make a quick buck off of the huge traffic these domains are still seeing at this point.

If the site were to come back online, it would most likely be at a different domain and possibly with a new set of data as well as it's unclear whether any of the existing data is still accessible to anyone with any relation to the site or whether there are backups.

It took a couple of weeks, but the fate of Demonoid became clear late last week when the IFPI and Interpol confirmed that the site and its staff had been targeted. The site was shut down and members arrested.

This came after a DDoS attack took down the site initially, followed by hackers gaining access to the data. Only then, Ukrainian police raided the site's host ColoCall, which, understandably perhaps, was unwilling to confirm that the raid took place.

Demonoid was one of the oldest BitTorrent sites still around and was the largest remaining sites that ran both an indexer and search engine as well as a tracker.

This is probably what put into the sights of IFPI and the other copyright lobbying groups. Learning from their experience with MegaUpload, the shutdown of the site was far less publicized and wasn't even made public until several days after it was all done.

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