Demi Moore Was Uncomfortable with the Age Difference, Not Ashton Kutcher

New report says it was Demi who decided to end the marriage because of the age gap

After six years as husband and wife, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are getting a divorce. It was an “unlikely romance” from the start, People magazine says in its latest cover story, with Demi never really getting over the age gap that got so many people talking when they went public.

The magazine has spoken with friends close to the former couple, and they say things have been bad between the two for quite some time.

It wasn't necessarily the fact that Ashton was caught cheating on Demi with Sara Leal earlier this year that did the marriage in, but rather a combination of factors, says the report.

He's never been 100 percent faithful to her, the spies claim. At the same time, Demi's insecurities undermined the marriage from the start.

Admittedly, she was never comfortable with the age difference, even though people always assumed that he would be the one having issues with it and not the other way around.

“It was an unlikely romance from the start – and in the end, the six-year marriage of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore fell apart because of issues that had long fueled skepticism about their relationship: their famous 15-year age difference, his wandering eye, her insecurities,” People writes.

“As a result, the marriage '[had] been deteriorating for a long time,' a friend of Kutcher, 33, tells People in this week’s cover story. 'Ashton was ready to end it, [but] he wanted to wait for Demi to actually do it. He loved her but couldn’t live with her',” the magazine further writes.

Other insiders tell People that Demi too was determined to make the marriage work but, in the end, she realized it was all in vain: there was really no saving it.

“[She] really wanted to save the marriage but couldn’t deal with the pain of his cheating. They were fed up with each other,” the source is quoted as saying.

“If anyone was uncomfortable with the age difference, it was Demi, not Ashton. She drove him crazy after a while with questions and doubts,” another pal reveals.

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