Demi Moore Takes Mud Bath on Girls-Only Vacation in Mexico

Actress emerges after divorce filing, looks as incredibly hot as ever

After Ashton Kutcher filed for divorce at the end of last year, Demi Moore went into hiding. Though slipping off the radar is not uncommon for her, many wondered what she might be up to and how she might be coping with her heartbreak.

As it turns out, she’s just fine thankyouverymuch, enjoying a well-deserved vacation with her gal pals in Mexico, E! News has learned.

The actress, looking as smoking hot as ever, was photographed enjoying a mud bath and, as it happens, word of it spread online like wildfire.

“Demi Moore was snapped enjoying a mud spa treatment on her Christmas vacation at a resort in Tulum, Mexico. She indulged with a little dirt on the beach and relaxed in the warm sunshine,” E! writes.

“Of course, the 50-year-old star bared her muy caliente bikini bod for the beauty treatment, flaunting her slim and trim figure while getting down ‘n dirty,” adds the same media outlet, including a photo to confirm it.

“Demi was joined by a group of girlfriends on the holiday vacay, and she stayed in Mexico for a week, enjoying the mud bath on New Year's Eve,” E! says.

Despite rumors to the contrary, insiders say for the celebrity publication that Demi is “in a really good place at the moment and is hopeful about the future.”

She’s also seeing someone but it’s “nothing serious” for the time being, so she’s putting off public appearances for now.

As we also reported at the time, Ashton was the one who filed for divorce, after months on end of rumored negotiations that still failed to help him and Demi reach a financial agreement that would please both.

Ashton is now dating former co-star Mila Kunis, with many reports saying that his moving on so quickly from the marriage was the only reason Demi refused to grant him the divorce for such a long while.

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