Demi Moore Steps Out After Mila Kunis Pregnancy News, Beams with Joy

Actress comes out to support daughter Rumer, puts to rest rumors that she’s “distraught”

Contrary to reports from earlier this week, Demi Moore hasn’t fled the country and isn’t crying her eyes out at home because she’s so “distraught” that her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher is expecting a child with his current girlfriend and fiancée Mila Kunis. Quite the contrary.

The other day, Demi made what is believed to be her first public appearance since the pregnancy news and, Us Weekly reports, she was anything but downcast or looking depressed. In fact, she was actually “beaming with joy” and appeared to be in the brightest of spirits, which most likely means the pregnancy news means nothing bad to her.

Demi showed up to support Rumer Willis, one of her daughters with ex Bruce Willis, who was performing in the “For the Record: Tarantino” cabaret at the West Hollywood hotspot DBA. She came with four friends and sat in a private booth, from which she watched the show and, according to insiders, had a memorable fun night.

“Dressed casually in black jeans and a black blouse, the LOL actress, 51, appeared to be in great spirits as she and four friends watched the show from a private table. Prior to the 8 p.m. curtain, Moore kept to herself; once the concert started, however, she was ‘animated’ and ‘lively,’ an onlooker [says],” the report notes.

That’s a strikingly different picture of Demi from how reports from earlier this week painted her: they claimed that Demi was absolutely devastated by the pregnancy news, which she’d learned, just like the rest of us, from the press because Ashton hadn’t even bothered to drop her a call to “warn” her.

Demi was married to the “Two and a Half Men” star for six years, during which time he was caught cheating twice and exposed in the weeklies. The second time was precisely on their wedding anniversary, as Demi was out of town doing promo for a new movie, and it ended up being the final nail in the coffin of their marriage.

Word has it that, even after this, Demi desperately wanted to still make things work, perhaps even more than Ashton, who, at that point, had simply given up. This would explain the barrage of reports about how broken-hearted she was after the divorce papers were filed, that are still making it out in the press today.

According to the latest report, there is no truth to them. If Demi is even remotely upset about Ashton’s moving on with his life, she’s definitely not showing any signs of it.

“Demi had a huge smile on her face and was clapping the moment the show began. She looked like such a proud mother when Rumer sang her solo of ‘Bang Bang’ from Kill Bill,” an eyewitness says, adding that Demi was positively “beaming” with happiness and joy.

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