Demi Moore Posts Swimsuit Photos on Twitter

Though she was never what one may call shy, 47-year-old actress Demi Moore has recently showed the world that she really doesn’t have a reason to become so from now on, posting photos of herself in a swimsuit.

Demi and husband Ashton Kutcher are avid Twitter users, and her followers must be accustomed to having access to personal shots of the star.

However, as Marie Claire also points out, this is the first time that Demi actually takes them into her bathroom and then shows off her banging body in front of them.

Then again, word on the web has it, if you’re pushing 50 and look as stunning as Moore does, why not show the entire world. Which is precisely what she did.

“We’re used to seeing Demi Moore and hubbie Ashton Kutcher sharing various details of their lives on their respective Twitter feeds, but we don’t think the lovely Ms Moore has ever shared quite so much....” Marie Claire points out.

“The 47-year-old actress posted a series of pics posing in a skimpy bikini on her Daily Booth photo feed, taken with her iPhone in front of a mirror,” says the mag.

“Showing off her amazing bod, she added the attached message, ‘Maybe this is more like summer!’” Marie Claire notes.

In the two pics she uploaded, Demi is seen standing in front of the bathroom mirror, dressed in a tiny two-piece bathing suit, matched with oversized shades.

Of course, it’s not the swimsuit that gets all the attention, as does the flat abdomen and Demi’s overall unbelievably toned figure. She can put to shame even 20-year-olds, it is being said.

Then again, voices also say on the blogosphere, 20-year-olds may not have access to plastic surgery like Demi had throughout the years.

Though she denied it repeatedly, media and surgeons agree that the star has undergone massive interventions, which help her look so stunning at 47.

It’s not the fact that she presents the telltale signs of surgery that makes them believe so, but rather that Demi’s body, and face in particular, is almost too perfect to be real.

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